South Africa

Earth Stompers

## 13-17th April 2016

South Africa was a fully pre-booked destination for me. For the most part because friends, family and housemates had warned me how unsafe the area could be. I didn’t want to believe it but I thought it best to be safe.

As soon as I got the local bus I met another guy who was obviously travelling (the backpack gives it away). He had a similar backstory to me, which made me feel slightly less special, and we decided to hit the Waterfront together before my overnight bus to J-Bay. It was immediately obvious how good the exchange rate is for us here when we got a fantastic meal, with drinks for a couple of pounds.

This was a lovely upside-down iced hot chocolate gourmet milkshake (for less than £1!)

Hot chocolate
The best hot chocolate!

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Cairo, Egypt

Egypt Criuse 2

Having survived Jordan, I sat apprehensively on the plane for my next destination: Egypt. Land of the pyramids. I had heard mixed reviews from friends and family that had been. Many had been multiple times though, so I assumed it couldn’t be all bad. It was another destination that I was warned, by everyone, to be vigilant for my own safety and belongings. I tried to remain open minded (“careful but careless” has become the mantra now) but one can’t help but let their preconceptions be formed on such continual representation of a place.

## Day One

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