Lille, France

17-19th February 2017

This was my first trip since not having commitments Mon-Fri, so it felt odd leaving on a Friday only to have to return on the Sunday, simply because that’s what I had previously booked the ticket for. To change it was practically the full cost of another ticket at this point so it seemed best just to leave it as is.

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Prague, Czech

14-16th June 2017

The first thing you notice in Prague is all the stag parties (and the odd hen party). It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is, there’s always a few of them drinking beer and roaming the streets.

Thankfully, the hostel I stayed at was an easy walk from the station, on the main square. I spent my first afternoon checking out the Charles 4th (he made half the landmarks here!) bridge followed by the John Lennon wall.

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Brussels, Belgium

6-8th January 2017

So, how did this happen. I’ve been home all of five seconds and I immediately booked my weekends up with flights and trains away. Good work settling down in London, I know. But this is fun. That’s the point, right. That’s the only point. Enjoy what you’re doing, find small moments of joy and have a legitimate way to pay for it all. And if you enjoy how you can pay for it all then you’re winning at life. That’s how I felt in this very moment as I looked out the window. This was my Friday evening.

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1st-2nd July 2017

I’m going further West. The trains are getting better. I like this.

Thanks to a gregarious gentleman inspecting the tickets, who seemingly had a bit of a thing for me, I got upgraded to a single person cabin with free drink and food. He was a really sweet man, who seemed delighted every time I said please and thank you as if no other passenger had uttered those few word in months.

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The reason Istanbul is on my list is because visiting here last year was the moment I decided I would quit my job to go travelling. So I felt like I needed to visit it whilst I was on my travels. I also neglected having a Turkish Bath the first time (because I’m stingy with money even when I have a job apparently) and I thought that that needed rectifying!

Luckily, a friend who I met in Edinburgh for Hogmanay has managed to hook me up with a friend she has in Turkey so that there’s a couch I can crash on for the time I’m there.

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13-20th July 2016

Ahhhh, Dublin. The Republic of Ireland. You feel like home, yet you’re not even park of the UK. Your expensive hostels (and scarcity at the weekends), expensive travel and expensive food. It hits me hard having just come from Asia where everything is both plentiful and cheap. It’s going to take some adjustment. Then again, that’s why I’m here. My plan is to spend a week relaxing in Ireland to prepare myself for a normal routine again in the UK.

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27th April – 10th May 2016

Arriving in Melbourne as a tourist is, for one of the first times I’ve been somewhere, an extremely pleasant experience getting to the city. The first thing I noticed is that I didn’t have umpteen people approaching me to guide me away from the airport into expensive taxis. Just as I realise that is why the airport seems so empty (that and the fact it’s 1am in the morning) an announcement comes on; “we’d like to remind you that the unauthorised approaching of passengers is strictly prohibited”. They read my mind and I like this place already.

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Hong Kong

5-9th June 2016

I arrive in Hong Kong with big expectations. Everyone I have met has told me that they love the British here. Particularly because Hong Kong was ruled by Britain for a total of 156 years and until a lease ran out on Kowloon (next door to Hong Kong Island) and Britain agreed to give it back. However, Hong Kong isn’t quite part of China. They still need visa’s and Hong Kong is still allowed to practice capitalism, at least until 2047 when the next World War will probably kick off just prior to this.

History lesson over.

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India: Jaipur

8-10th July 2016

Myself and my Karl Pilkington companion, Jonathan, arrive in Jaipur to another barrage of tuk tuk drivers. We hop on one, agree a price of 150 (very reasonable for the distance) and hope for the best. The driver was the nicest I’ve ever had, he was very smiley, told a lot of jokes and was in good spirits. He showed us his book which had comments in from past travellers. Jonathan kept trying to find holes in his story but it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

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